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Sunday, October 30, 2005


I like computer games. I have the ones that I find easy and the ones that just about drive me nuts. My dad has his favorite games. Even my mother puts together online jigsaw puzzles. And, with the number of games online, it is easy to believe that there are a lot of other people that like games.

Me, I play games for diversion and distraction. It seems safer than a lot of other vices that are out there, but it sure does use up the time.

Being in church work, I know that a lot of people like playing games - that is, the church game variety. And, I'm not talking about church league softball.

Of course there are the non-Christians and their church games. When you visit with them, they can use churchy words. Those who wish to take advantage of the church and its compassion are really the best at this.

Dangerous to themselves are the non-Christians masquerading as church members. They play the game so well that they usually delude themselves into thinking that they are part of the body of Christ. They are also detrimental to the life and work of the church because they really don't get it - how can they understand the things of Christ and the way of the Christlife when they have no part in Christ?

Then there are the Christians who play the games. They really do have a relationship with Christ, but they don't spend time with Him or in His word, so they don't really have a clue as to what it's all about either. Maybe they pick up something from their parents, friends, Sunday School teacher, or preacher some time, but it doesn't always link up to form a cohesive lifestyle change.

But there are also the Christians who know better. Sometimes we do it because it's easier to go along and get along - don't rock the boat. Life seems much easier that way. Even ministers are guilty on this count.

We sure do like games. We even call our existence "the game of life" relating it to a football game or some other such sport. (Don't forget the board game!!)

But, this life is not a real game. It's serious business. The tale end has only two options - one good and one bad (worse than losing a game for absolute sure).

Now I don't want to discount Christian people having fun. I believe even Jesus had fun. He surely played games, sang songs, and laughed and smiled. But you read the words and you realize that it was a deadly serious business that Jesus was about - and I do mean deadly. So, we who follow in His footsteps (or at least try) should realize that it's a deadly serious business this life we live. The choices we make affect not only us but those around us.

So, let's enjoy life. Let's have fun. But let's not live it as if it is only a game.

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