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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well, the first of the major events without Donna has passed.

Originally, I had planned to be in Virginia for Thanksgiving. The cemetery had indicated that the grave marker would be in place in 6-8 weeks - I thought after the burial. However, I discovered that they meant after payment. So, hopefully, there will be a marker by Christmas - perhaps.

I suppose it was better this way. By coming to my parents for Thanksgiving, there were several advantages.

One, I had contracted some type of throat virus - that's what the doc called it. Even with a shot on Tuesday, I am still dealing with the effects of a sore throat (much less today) and stuffed-up head. Better here than on a 5-hour road trip.

Two, since Donna and I had rarely come to my parents for Thanksgiving, there were few memories to deal with, especially as my sister was the actual host for the Thanksgiving meal at her house.

There have been moments, as there have been the past 2 months (already, it's almost 2 months since the accident), but all in all, we have made it just fine this holiday season.

Now, there remains her birthday (December 18), Christmas, our anniversary (January 21) - it would have been 26 years, and Valentines. By God's grace, I anticipate that we will be sustained and make it through these events as well.

Dear God,
Thank you for Your own goodness, grace, and mercy.
Thank you for Donna and our more than 25 years together.
Thank you for family and friends who love and support.
Thank you for Jesus and His great sacrifice.

God is VERY good!