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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Today, my parents returned to their home. I turned, walked into the house with Abby, and said to her something like, "Now we're on our own." And it was a sad moment.

Wednesday, October 1, life changed drastically...Donna was killed in a one-car accident. Immediately there was the rush of others to help. The sheriff and a local pastor who took me to the hospital to see her; the myriads of people who came to make my house presentable to those who would drop by; my niece, parents, and sister and brother-in-law appearing. There was the need to find Abby (she was with her "mother" at the time of the accident and ended up spending the night in the woods).

Then, we moved to the funeral home to make arrangements. Next was the visitation on Friday and the funeral service on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we left for Virginia for a graveside service and burial on Tuesday with the need to go on Monday and finalize arrangements with the cemetery.

Next was the trip home on Wednesday and the need to start going through Donna's things.

Today, my parents returned to their home...and now here with Abby...

I feel lonely!