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Monday, October 17, 2005

Just Another Monday

Well, it was another Monday.

A little breakfast and the news. Then to work sorting out the finances (usually Tuesday mornings work) from the last couple of weeks away from home. Next spitting out envelopes and cover letters to mail another round of resumes (not just another Monday on this account either).

Then rush out to get what Donna wants for lunch only to find that particular establishment was closed Friday through Monday (today), so a quick call to change gears - I mean menus. Then home for lunch.

Next, it's out to pay the cable bill, by the pharmacy to get some prescriptions and talk with the pharmicist. Here, I did get to speak with a couple of guys/brothers that I knew from the former church. From them, I got an update on their mother who has developed lung cancer and is currently undergoing treatment - pray for Pauline. Found out one also was celebrating his birthday - Happy Birthday Frank! Then it was by the post office to mail all the resumes prepared earlier.

Then back to the house for just a few moments with Donna before the first of my piano students arrived (normal Monday).

After piano lessons, we put together a grocery list and I was off to Wal-Mart to see if I could keep it under budget. Close but no cigars as they say - at least I had the cash to cover the slight overage. Next a stop by Wendy's to get chili for supper - I am just now beginning to feel it in my chest - another round of generic rolaids is in my future. (By the way, gas at the Wal-Mart Murphys was only $2.469 tonight with the .03 off for using a shopping card - best I've seen in a while.)

Then home for chili and salad with Donna and the one tv show I try to catch each week.

Now, the show is over, Donna is trying to rest some more, so I've checked my email, put together the shockwave daily jigsaw puzzle, and am composing this "masterpiece" (Smile big now!!).

Some of today's activities were unique and others were the same as almost every other week, so I guess that makes it ...

Just another Monday!

PS - In addition to a couple of cards, Donna got flowers from the adult choir at First Baptist Church, Toccoa today. It wasn't ... just another Monday!

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