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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day Two

Well ... today, we discovered how worn out we were from a week at the hospital. After a full night's sleep, still tired and with a tough headache, I stayed in bed most of the day. Cindy also appeared worn out from her stay with Donna's friend.

Speaking of the friend - please be in prayer for Wanda. Somehow, yesterday, she broke her leg in several places and she is now in the hospital awaiting surgery on Monday to repair the damage.

Donna, of course, continues her recuperation. Unfortunately, her love for me had her doing things that she shouldn't have because of my headache.

I did, however, fix lunch - not without some concern on her part that I wasn't doing it right, but finally her pain got her back in bed and I told her that it would be fine even if not done exactly right. I managed to prepare hamburger patties topped with cheese and an onion slice with baked potatos and spinach. It looked good and she said that I did a good job - my lunch was delayed by my headache for a few hours, but warmed in the microwave it was still very good - if I may say so myself.

This evening, supper was provided by our neighbors across the street - thank you Brian and Renee.

We were puzzled by one thing though. Having lived in Lavonia for over 12 years serving one church for most of that time, then being members of another local church (where Donna is a member of the choir) since leaving that church, and currently serving another church, we were surprised at the lack of visits, phone calls, cards, and flowers that Donna received.

I would be remis though to not mention that the pastor of the church where we are members did sit with me during Donna's surgery (along with my parents who drove up for the surgery) and called later in the week. The minister of music called and one of the members has called several days to check on Donna. Our pastor's wife, who is in the chaplaincy program at the hospital in Anderson, SC visited on 2 occasions and the chairman of the deacons at Sisters Baptist Church in Sandersville, GA where I serve as Interim Associate Pastor drove the approximately 3 hour trip to visit with Donna - thank you Lamar Binion.

Well enough ramblings for today. This is just ...

Day Two.

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