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Thursday, November 03, 2005

What to Look for in any Pastor (Part II)

Finally, the follow-up to Part I.

  • V. godly jealousy for the church
    • A. betrothed to Christ as a chaste virgin
    • B. fear your minds corrupted
      • - away from simplicity in Christ
      • - you put up with the teachings of:
        • a. another Jesus
        • b. another spirit
        • c. another gospel

  • VI. not inferior to "super" apostles (any other pastor)
    • A. though plain in speech or plain spoken
    • B. not inferior in knowledge (study, study, study)
    • C. known by his people
    • D. lowers himself to lift them up
      • 1. preached the gospel freely
      • 2. compensated/supported by others
      • 3. not a burden to them
      • 4. however, don't muzzle the ox - 1 Corinthians 9.7-11 & 1 Timothy 5.17-18
      • 5. God knows his love for them

  • VII. in comparison to false apostles
    • A. do what is necessary to "cut off occasion" from false apostles
    • B. they are deceitful workers
      • 1. like Satan, they are transformed (outer appearance) into "angel of light"
      • 2. their deeds will prove it (Hebrews 13.7)

    • C. the foolishness of this comparison to false apostles
    • D. what the people are willing to put up with
    • E. bold comparison
      • 1. of heritage
      • 2. of ministries
        • a. accomplishments (labors, perils): these are not positive
        • b. care for the churches

  • VIII. rather glory in infirmities (see 1 Corinthians 1.17-31; esp. 27-29)
    • A. humiliating start (though David & Jericho spies were both lowered from windows to escape)
    • B. revelation
    • C. infirmity
    • D. sufficiency of God's grace
    • E. summary

  • XI. it's for you (the church)
    • A. signs of the apostles shown
    • B. not inferior to other churches
    • C. except pastor not a burden
      • 1. by Paul
        • a. seek you, not yours
        • b. spent for you
        • c. love for you
        • d. caught you

      • 2. by associates
        • a. gain for Paul (pastor)?
        • b. gain for Titus (associate)?
        • c. same walk

    • D. no excuses, we answer to God (see Hebrews 13.17)
    • E. do all to edify you (the church)

How do you as a pastor measure up? How does your pastor measure up? How do any of your pastoral candidates compare?

Ahem, what's good for the gander is also good for the goose? How do you as a Christian measure up?

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