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Sunday, December 11, 2005

World Magazine December 10 2005

Earlier today I finished the December 10, 2005 edition of World Magazine. There were a couple of articles that I found interesting and worth filing away - besides the articles that are more temporal but also interesting.

One article, "Why December 25?" gives indication that December 25 was celebrated as the day of Jesus' birth prior to the pagan use of that date for their celebration. Something to do with an ancient Jewish belief that major prophets died on either the date of their birth or conception. Therefore, someone earlier on decided that Jesus also died on the date of His conception. Thus, conception on March 25 led to His birth 9 months later on December 25. This article can be found at .

Another, "Ugly Things," quotes Socrates as saying that "opinions divorced from knowledge are ugly things." Everyone has opinions but if facts are not involved then basically stupidity is the result. This article is available at .

Well, check these and others out at and perhaps they would appreciate it if you subscribed to the print edition.


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