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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Limbo Revisited

Several posts back I discussed the fact that it is no fun living in "limbo." Well, now I really know why.

Just today I discovered that there is, apparently in some Roman Catholic theology, a place called limbo. It seems that it is the place where the souls of babies who die before being baptized go.

Oh, brother!


Anonymous said...

Surely you haven't been using a word for years without knowing its meaning.

As to your "Oh, brother." What is the non-Catholic theology concerning unbaptised children who die prior to "being saved?"

Surely, Protestant children are not condemned to hell for all eternity. However, I see no alternative when Protestants require personally accepting Jesus and being baptised in order to be "saved.".

Early church fathers have wrestled with this and the Catholic Church's teaching on Limbo was the result.

RSDickson said...

1. Of course I have. (shrug)
2. Don't know about all non-Catholic, but some teach an age of accountability - also not found in scripture.
3. At least Baptists that I know of do not "require" baptism in order to be saved.
4. Salvation is by grace, therefore everyone who has eternal life has it because of God's grace whether infants, children, youth, or adults.
5. The article where I noted this was that it has been recommended to the pope that this doctrine of limbo be eliminated.
6. Wow, a light subject suddenly taken much deeper.