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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Treading an older path

The last day of September, 2012. Also, a few days into my vacation.

For many years Donna and I would travel to Virginia for our fall vacation. In fact, since her death, I have continued going, usually in October -- it's such a wonderful time of year for that part of the country with the fall leaves. In planning my vacation this year, I had actually anticipated going up.

It was also pertinent that tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of her death.

However, for several reasons, I had chosen to stay home this year. (Perhaps tomorrow I will visit the accident site.)

Now, with the decision to stay home comes the decision of where to attend church. In my mind, the first choices were between First Baptist Church of Toccoa, GA, a people who had graciously welcomed us during some difficult days, and Hill Street Baptist Church, also in Toccoa, another people who had welcomed us and allowed me to serve with them on a part-time basis with them during that same period.

I also was considering a brief run to some mountains after church since there was to be no Virginia in my fall. However, to attend church in Toccoa and then run to the mountains meant leaving Abby at home...

Then, another solution occurred to me. I could attend the contemporary worship service here in Lavonia at the First Baptist Church. That would allow me to return home after the service, change clothes, get Abby, and had to the mountains. Besides I could see how a contemporary services was done -- research.

As this morning approached, the choices waged war in my mind -- what would I do?

As I got into the car, cranked the engines, and pulled out of the driveway, I made my choice...I would tread an older path. I decided to attend Hill Street.

I arrived a couple of minutes late and slipped into the back pew. Unfortunately, it is a smaller church and with the pastor (interestingly, that came up as 'predator' in this swipe entry method) at the front, it was not possible to arrive unnoticed. With the regular music leader out, I was even asked to lead the next hymn.

After the service it was good to be greeted by many familiar folks and to spend some time talking with long-time pastor, Paul Garrison.

Now, what about the mountains? Another choice...

I drove from the parking lot so that I could head in the direction of the North Georgia mountains, but as I arrived as the decision intersection, I turned right toward South Carolina. As I headed toward Westminster, I wasn't sure I would see mountains, but I knew it would involve taking a newer path. It was refreshing. It didn't take long and I was able to return home to Abby and some lunch sooner. No mountains, but a senior adult trip in a few weeks (maybe even a jaunt with Jani) will take care of that.

All in all, it's been a good day. I've taken a new path and an old path.


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