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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Experiences

Well, the second day off my vacation (actually, yesterday was my usual day off).

Today, besides resting and taking - and playing games on my tablet - I had a couple of new experiences.

1. I cooked cornbread. Now mind you that I'm not fond of that stuff people usually call cornbread, that cake like substance. No, this is honest to goodness cornbread like my mother makes. A simple concoction of cornmeal, flour, and water dropped down in hot grease or oil and fried in little things that resemble pancakes. I admit they weren't the greatest, but they were pretty good for my first ones.

2. I steamed my floor. I admit that living alone I don't worry too much about my floors, but the kitchen and bathroom floors were needing some definite attention. So, today, I cleared most of those floors, then swept them. Afterwards, I pulled out and assembled the steam floor mop I bought yesterday. It was kind of cool. It still required some labor, but the clean up afterwards was not too bad.

In addition to my two brand new experiences, I have also washed the bed sheets.

Finally, in the category of new experiences, I am working on using this finger slide method of typing on my tablet. Since the keyboard is very much slower than a traditional computer keyboard, it is a much faster way to type. The proof is in this blog post. I am currently using the blogger app to do this post, and I can assure you that it would have been much more difficult to type this much by one- finger presses on the little pop-up keyboard.

Well, I need to get the sheets back on the beds, the stuff back onto the kitchen and bathrooms, and see what other 'work' I need to do on this 2nd day of vacation so I can continue to enjoy my rest and relaxation.


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