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Monday, December 29, 2008

Her Birthday

For weeks I had contemplated the observance of Donna's birthday. What could I do that would both help me through the day and, at the same time, give proper celebration to her life?

Someone suggested taking the largest picture that I had of her and sitting with it before me as I thought about her. Immediately I thought...NOT!

One thing that she did enjoy on her special days (birthday and anniversary) was going out to eat. This year, as for several years, the Versaille at Chateau Elan was not a practical solution.

So the obvious was sushi. She loved sushi and anytime was a good occasion for it.

I issued the invitation to those who would like to join me in a celebration of Donna's life to meet me at RuSans in Athens, Georgia. Of course, December 18 was a Thursday, making it difficult for some. Others had there own celebrations: birthday and Christmas parties already scheduled. Some just don't care for sushi or Japanese cuisine. But, we assembled, all who could and all who would. The size of the party was actually just a perfect size for a celebration of this type.

Thank you to Charles and Allie, Charles and Gwen, and Claire for making the day special. May God's light graciously shine on you for your kindness. And, the fact, that you enjoyed the food was a great benefit.

Thanks and blessings,

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