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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Dandy Lions
Dan duh Lie ons
Dan dell eeons

Interesting word combos, but I digress (yes, I started by digressing).

Last week, I cut the grass.

Actually, to be more precise, I cut the dandelions.

It was actually fairly easy as there had not been much rain, so the real grass had not grown (often as high as a foot or so before I get it cut). And nothing was bloated with nectar/grass sap/whatever it's called.

Dandelion flowers are actually very pretty. I love the yellow color. And the white puffballs are pretty as well, although much unwanted because of their readiness and willingness to float out and create another 'child' at the smallest breathe. (As to the leaves, not so much.)

I guess a lesson is obvious here. The beauty of the flower hides the danger.

(Wow! More digression!)

Anyhow, as I cut the 'grass' and pondered the predominance of dandelions and their ability to flourish with so little water, a thought occured to me:

If the folk in hell were to sweat, I bet dandelions would grow there!


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