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Monday, May 12, 2008

It Was a Miracle

It was nothing short of at least a minor miracle, if not a major miracle - Donna was able to be in church with me this past Sunday, May 11.

First, there is the pain that she lives with. On Saturday, Sunday attendance was looking doubtful as she experienced pain, discomfort, the effects of medicine, whatever.

Second, there is the hurt that she has experienced, even those things one runs across in a new church that bring up old wounds that are not yet healed.

Third, it was Mother's Day - a day full of pain for one who has so wanted to experience motherhood and has been denied, as well as a reminder of the loss of her mother just before Mother's Day several years ago.

But, there she was, struggling at times to get ready so early in the morning, but walking out the door and getting in the car to travel the distance.

There she was, seated at the piano, taking part in worship leadership through 2 services.

There she was, on the pew beside me, crying through the sermon as she thought of her mom and the child she would never have.

The service was made easier by the fact that there were no babies to dedicate and no special recognition of those who WERE mothers (as opposed to those who WERE NOT mothers).

There were roses in the big pot at the front given to support the American Cancer Society's Walk for Life (now a cause for Donna as a survivor of melanoma), one which honored her and another which honored the memory of her mother.

So, as we sang the Doxology, her own voice raised in song and praise, I give praise to God for this, for ...

It was a miracle!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Richard,
I read the story of your first visit to the gravesite. It sure feels so sad. I hope you are adjusting well and know that the Lord is with you all the times and you are not alone. I sure remember the words of the song, "The Promise"
He promises that "I'll be right there by your side" Someday soon we will see our Loved ones and the One who saved us...
God bless,