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Monday, April 21, 2008

Rebecca St. James Embarrassed

At least she ought to be!

I usually listen to Contemporary Christian Music as I travel to and from work each day. I generally like the style and it helps keep me awake. Therefore, I don't consider myself a classical prude when it comes to this style of music.

However, I often wonder what the musicians and producers are thinking. Don't they ever actually listen to this stuff they are putting out.

How much longer do we have to listen to lyrics like "My-ee," "ho-lay," and "I ador-a-(breath sound)ore" (just say it and you'll understand that last one)? Even with the stylistic nature of contemporary music, singers ought to at the least be able to pronounce the words correctly! Some actually do!

This is Christian music - at least that is what we call it. If it is Christian shouldn't it be our best. It should definitely be better than what the world offers.

So, back to Rebecca St. James embarrassment. Frequently in the last few days, I have heard her rendition of the song "Breathe" - which I associate with Michael W. Smith. Maybe she was trying to catch the feeling of the title, but it throws me everytime she sings, "I-hi" - I have to say, "Hi" back. Then there is all of the air sucking sounds.

Let see if I can approximate what I hear:

"And I-high canuh live withou yooo (suck air)."

If the instrumentalists on the recording had been so sloppy, I feel they would have been fired. Where was the producer and what was he actually listening for? He should have been fired. And Rebecca St. James, well, she should be embarrassed. She has been in the business long enough to know better.

Come on Christian musicians/ better. You can do it, and I feel sure that our Lord would be very appreciative of the extra effort.


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Anonymous said...

I can't stand the Christian music industry. Firm. Hypocracy. They play on hurt to get your cash. Enough of this bullshit already. Freaks. Liars. Weirdos. Evil with a so called beauty veil on it. But not pretty. An illusion. The kind you will go for. But why? You hurt. Why make it worse? Yet you do. Why? They know this and take your cadh. Assholes. You keep giving it to them. Why? You any closer to a mate because of this freak show industry?