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Friday, March 02, 2007

Mechanics and Miracles

I have the privilege of singing in the Sons of Jubal - the Georgia Baptist Convention men's singing group (actually the oldest group of its kind in the country). Last night, Thursday, March 1, 2007, we joined with our sister group, the Jubalheirs (forming the Jubal Chorus) in a concert at the First Baptist Church, Snellville, GA.

My wife (she is a member of the Jubalheirs) and I drove approximately 75 miles from our home to Snellville for the rehearsal time and concert through an awful rain. As we approached the last traffic light before the church, I put on the brakes to stop for the light. The car rocked and had difficulty stopping. Obviously not a good thing. Now, we were not only late for the rehearsal, but I was concerned about getting home after the concert.

Since we were already at the church, I pulled into the parking lot, stopped, got out and looked at the tire/wheel to check it, and drove around the lot a little to see if the problem persisted. After I sent my wife on in for her rehearsal, I called our extended warranty service to check on my next move. After consulting with them, it was determined that the next step was to get the car to a mechanic (does seem a no-brainer doesn't it). However, we were in a town far from home. So, I went into the church, carrying my stuff for the evening - remember I didn't know where my car would end up. After depositing my stuff, I starting looking for help in locating a good garage/mechanic.

The helpful staff directed me to the Minister of Missions, Terry Hopkins. I found him to be a very pleasant and helpful gentleman. Of course, in his experience he had run across a similar problem and was willing to bet MY life on his solution - read on to see that he was actually pretty accurate in his assessment. In a few moments, he directed me to a garage just across the street from the church, Holdens Automotive, and the owner, Mike Holden, who he stated was a good Christian man.

Mike and his staff were very friendly, inviting, and easy to talk with. Mike took the time to drive my car to see if he could sense a problem. Of course, the car did not misbehave (I know you've had that experience). But, he dropped me off at the church, and promised to look into the problem further and get back with me later that day.

As promised, he called about an hour before his closing time with the news that his staff had removed all the brakes and examined them. They could find nothing wrong with the brakes to cause the problem and surmised that with all the rain, some water had gotten into the brakes and the ABS (automatic braking system) and made that one stop difficult. After all that time and effort I asked for the cost and I can only say that Mike was very good to me.

At the end of the rehearsal, just before supper (actually only minutes after Mike's call), a fellow Jubal drove me across the street (remember rain, 5 lanes of traffic, near Atlanta, after 5 p.m.) so that I could get the car.

After the concert, we drove the car home with no further incident.

Now I will spec out my praise to God:

1. Safe journey from home to Snellville.
2. Trouble occured right at our destination.
3. We did get stopped for the red light.
4. The helpful staff of FBC, Snellville, especially Minister of Missions Terry Hopkins.
5. Mike Holden and Holdens Automotive (wish I had a link, but if you are in Snellville, GA, I would encourage you to check them out).
6. Holdens was just across the road.
7. Mike was a Christian.
8. The time and effort Mike and his staff put into making sure my car was safe to drive.
9. The price was right (at least for me).
10. The meal and other hosting of FBC, Snellville was great.
11. The concert was great.
12. I understand that at least 2 people came into relationship with Christ because of the concert.
13. Safe journey home after the concert.

"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow."
"To God be the glory, great things He has done."

For Mechanics and Miracles: I'm praising God!


Splinters of Silver said...

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your Ramblings... I was referred to Holden's Automotive several years ago and I can certainly attest to Mike's good and honest work.