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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thoughts on Christmas 2009

Christmas has been interesting this year.

At Thanksgiving my hotwater heater leaked and created a small flood in my garage. One of the items I had to remove was a Christmas tree covered with a red plastic bag tree cover. When I uncovered it, I discovered one of Donna's Charlie Brown trees with the lights still on it. So, this year I have a Christmas tree, in the front window no less with lights - no angel, no star, no decorations - but a tree with lights. (I did put a wreath on the door and a small manger scene just inside the front door.)

After the Christmas Eve Service at First Baptist Church of Jefferson, GA, I had a 2-plus hour night-time drive to my parent's home. Along the way my most interesting thought was a feeling that I was leaving Donna at home in the bed while I went to my parent's for Christmas - yes, odd. Perhaps it reminded me of the several months when I would leave her at home traveling to Sandersville for my Interim Associate Pastor position at Sisters Baptist Church there. Perhaps it came because I was not going to be able to go to Virginia this Christmas to visit her grave. Whatever the reason, it was a feeling I had.

Christmas morning after getting up and somewhere around a breakfast of sausage, toast, and grits, and opening our presents to each other, I discovered Hedgehog Launch at So...I wasted a lot of time launching hedgehogs. Just wish it was as easy to make money - I got up to over $4 million - nice dreaming.

At lunch we headed over to my sister's house to eat. It was she and her husband, their three daughters and two sons-in-law, plus me and our parents. After a brief visit and some looking at their presents, the tables were set up and set and we began to eat. Suddenly we were interupted by the news that the house one my nieces lived in had been broken into and some items were apparently stolen (of greater importance to my niece, the cat was missing).

Suddenly the meal was hurried, gifts were quickly exchanged as my niece and her dad prepared for a quick trip to Atlanta to see the damage and do what they could to secure the property. We discovered somewhere along the way that the thieves had apparently been arrested and perhaps some items recovered. Later when they returned, they reported that they couldn't do much until tomorrow when the officers who were investigating this crime were back on duty. Some items were still missing, but we are hoping that they can be recovered. Oh yes, the cat was found and is OK.

I wish for all of you a Joyous Christmas (yes, the first day of Christmas is past, but we have 11 more) and a Blessed New Year!

Christmas has definitely been different and interesting this year.